Digitization Services

Digitization Services

Digital copies of original material are created either by scanning or taking a digital photograph. Orders can be submitted using a separate order form. Digital copies can be made of material in the public domain. To digitize material that is protected by copyright, the customer must obtain permission from the copyright holder prior to submitting the order.

Post-processing services are offered for digitized material. When necessary, the material can be converted into a desired format, with added features such as Optical Character Recognition, which enables text search within a digitized document.

Digitizing Service - Quality and Preservation...

E Commerce Solutions

E Commerce Solutions

"We help build businesses, not just portals"

Our goal is building successful businesses really. We differ from most other agencies as we believe that the value we deliver to our clients can be measured in business terms, including superior ROI, increased revenue and higher traffic.

Ecommerce Solution Examples

MagazineMall etc. Etc.

Effective Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Ecommerce solutions can be complex, technology by itself is one aspect. Look and feel...

Portal Development Services

Portal Development Services

We bring for you comprehensive web designing services which include website design, web programming, logo design, flash design, brochure design, graphic design services and much more.

GIMís capability in web designing and development industry is based on our global appreciation of trends, technologies and actual experience.

We work with hard work, dedication and offer only ethical services. We guarantee:

  1. Prompt and dedicated support to our clients
  2. Your satisfaction
  3. Affordable rates

Library Management Solutions

Library Management Solutions

Customer focus
Every Institute or Corporate requires reading solutions that are unique to its culture and needs. It is our job to understand you and offer you appropriate solutions.

A major focus of our brand promise is to help envision and deliver the next generation of libraries, fully leveraging advanced online information services and automation technologies.

Library Management
Computerization of the library management system will help the librarian to know all details about a particular book at the click of a button. The solution we design will help you organise both information...

Subscription Management Solutions

Subscription Management Solutions

While all publishers seek higher ratios of regular subscriptions, it is not easy to manage and service subscriptions. The intent and implementation are often at two ends. We help bridge this typical gap with efficient management of information and data:

Our subscription software will help you manage:

  • Registration
  • Order placement
  • Communication
  • Renewals
  • Address changes
  • Claims filtering

Digital Marketing Collateral Development

Digital Marketing Collateral Development

Digital Marketers' Collateral Development services will give a lift to your brand, enhance sales and fulfill your marketing objectives. Our collateral development services include corporate brochures, Logos, Posters, Presentations, Print and e-catalogs factsheets.

Customer response rate is directly related to the marketing collateral - developed and used in relevant and intelligent ways. We try to create impressive collaterals in line with your marketing strategy that will enhance your brand identity and campaigns.

Digital communications is no longer a brave new world but a mainstream channel. And it continues to amaze us how many companies are not doing it right.

Logistics Management Solutions

Logistics Management Solutions

Ecommerz.in is a non-asset-based third party logistics provider that enables consumer goods manufacturers, retailers and publishers to gain competitive advantages through optimal logistics management. We offer advanced technology and results-oriented services that help merchants improve their safety, service and financial performance.

The effective services we provide allow our clients to focus on their core business by freeing up their time. We do this by handling the consumer goods, their warehousing and dispatch and receipt confirmation processes.

Through experience we have learned the urgency needed to handle all projects with care, no matter...

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