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Customer focus

Every Institute or Corporate requires reading solutions that are unique to its culture and needs. It is our job to understand you and offer you appropriate solutions.


A major focus of our brand promise is to help envision and deliver the next generation of libraries, fully leveraging advanced online information services and automation technologies.

Library Management

Computerization of the library management system will help the librarian to know all details about a particular book at the click of a button. The solution we design will help you organise both information as in data, subscribers, titles, versions, issues and decision making assistance. Various processes will be computerized i.e. adding new books to the library, to borrowing and returning books from the library.

Library Management Software

  1. Information on Titles/Versions etc.
  2. Easy cataloguing
  3. Easy generation of barcodes for books.
  4. Powerful, simultaneous searching.
  5. Useful reports.
  6. Simplify the management of your libraries.
  7. Keep your data secure from unauthorized access.


  1. Cataloging
  2. Acquisition of new products
  3. Barcode generation.
  4. Dynamic search
  5. Book details.
  6. Student/Employee/Staff details.
  7. Vendor details
  8. Stock check
  9. Issue and Return Books
  10. Fine calculations
  11. Billing
  12. Procurement
  13. Reports.
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