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Digitization Services

Digital copies of original material are created either by scanning or taking a digital photograph. Orders can be submitted using a separate order form. Digital copies can be made of material in the public domain. To digitise material that is protected by copyright, the customer must obtain permission from the copyright holder prior to submitting the order.


Post-processing services are offered for digitized material. When necessary, the material can be converted into a desired format, with added features such as Optical Character Recognition, which enables text search within a digitized document.

Digitising Service - Quality and Preservation

Our digitising service specialises in digitizing bound volumes of books and journals, including rare and fragile items, resulting in improved access to your organisationís collection while providing a digital image ideal for archival storage.

Adaptability - Additional Digitising Services

Quick facts

  • Content : We digitize Newsletters, In house productions, Magazines, Flyers etc.
  • Scalable: We can digitise all or simply the gaps in your collection
  • Reliability: We are currently working with a number of leading publishers to support their digitisation programmes.

Purchasing model

We can offer content auditing and PDF article provision to rightsholders who are either starting a digitisation programme or simply looking to fill gaps in an existing programme.


Once we have collected your requirements, we will prepare a proposal. This will include:

  • Project Management fee (covers all setup and reporting costs)
  • Price per page for output formats required
  • Proposed timeline

Proposal Acceptance

If you accept our proposal we will then enter into a detailed technical discussion and test the supply of documents and reports. Once we are happy everything is working the project will go live.


  • We scan all items at required DPI in bi-tonal mode to output either as multi-page TIFF image files or PDF Image files.
  • We have the option of Black and white, colour or grayscale outputs.
  • Where pages include graphics we can also provide alternative scan settings to ensure high quality reproduction.
  • Outputs are usually delivered by issue however variations are possible.
  • PDF and TIFF files are delivered either via FTP, DVD or via an email which has a downloadable link embedded.
  • Where XML data conversion is required, we will work with Innodata Isogen on your behalf.

Workflow reporting

We appoint a Project Manager for each project we undertake. Your Project Manager will be responsible for agreeing the workflow with you, ensuring reporting formats are agreed and managing the day to day process of digitising your content.

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